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Recently I dealt with a client, a young bride whose husband likes a monochromatic color tone of black, grey, little white and no other colors. He is a high-tech engineer, apparently sees his world in greyish tones from his clothes to home décor. She writes:
“Dear Valentina, it is a common belief among youngsters that if we do not dress in black, we are not trendy, therefore those people like me who don’t overdo with black are considered outsiders. Furthermore, another common belief is that colors are a bit precarious and those who wear colors are unstable and insecure.”
I really don’t know where this one comes from. colors are LIFE and that’s a fact!!!

I told her:  “Think about the blue of the sky and the sea, the yellow of the sun, the green of the woods … the color of every single flower…. colors are the nature that surrounds us. I believe that adopting the “all black effect” will make us move away from nature and wean us from all-natural things.”
In her note, my young client seems unhappy about not being able to express herself in her new home with the colors she likes.

The secret to creating harmony in a home depends on a few elements:
1. adapt the colors for interiors and accessories to reflect the characters of the people living in the house;
2. understand how people will use and live that space;
3. know how to compromise by mixing each desire for items or colors both people like. A pink bedroom with ducks, doilies, and ruffles is out of the question when a man who likes streamlines. modern and graphic colors sleeps in the same bedroom. The same way it is not appropriate to eat in black dishes, just because only one likes it.

Canvas Home

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Following trends to the letter, as trends dictate, is not that good of thing either. For a while it has been fashionable to design black kitchens, to have a table set with black dishes, black cutlery, and black glasses. Youngster under thirty, are going nuts for this trend, my young client’s husband is one of them. Yes, it might be chic to see it in a shop’s window, however, serving food in a black dish….
Just imagine this picture:
you are sitting in a restaurant in Positano waiting for your plate of spaghetti and seafood to arrive. You are already anticipating tasting the sea. The plate arrives with an incredible aroma in a riot of colors that bombards you. There is the black of mussels’ shells against the orange of the mussels’ flesh, then shades of ochre and red in the clams, the red of the shrimps, finally a handful of green parsley all over. Imagining this specialty being served on a white porcelain plate is one thing, imagining the same specialty being served on a black plate is a totally different thing!!!
I already know which of the two my young client would prefer: the white plate and I would too.

(Click on each photo to view it larger).


Impepata Cozze

How can these trendy people drink a glass of red wine in a black glass? It is a crime, I am thinking to myself, and yet her husband does.
Drinking red wine in a crystal glass will confuse me just by looking at all the rays of colors reflected in the light. A crystal glass will also emphasize the jewel tones of the red wine and enhance the pleasure of tasting.

A goblet of red wine

A goblet of red wine

I do not know if this obvious and simple example of the spaghetti with seafood in Positano or drinking red wine out of crystal glass and not in a black glass amazed my young client, but since she is on my same colorful wavelength, I suggested to describe this scene to her husband and watch his reaction. Eating colorful food in the right colored dishes is healthy for the brain/eye activity and it is a thankful celebration of each time we eat.

She tells me: “I know you love your food to be presented on the right plate, with the right shape, with the right colors and the right tablecloth. I don’t blame you for being so fussy, but precise. In the end, your way adds beauty and pleasure to the table”.

It was easy for me to interpret her thoughts and doubts about being in black all day long. Sincerely, I have the impression people surrounded by black clothes and black interiors mourn their lives. With all my heart, I hope to have converted my client’s husband to a bit of color.
This is a part of a short excerpt from a conversation that took place online between myself and my young client in Europe, a lover of colors and architecture, who lives in Switzerland and I have only met through Skype, never in person. Our professional exchange of ideas brought a beautiful friendship, one that doesn’t feel the distance, nor the oceans. Ciao.

Copyright © 2019 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved

Valentina Cirasola is an Italian Interior Designer working in the USA and Europe since 1990, specializing in interior and exterior, color analysis, kitchen, bath, wine cellar, and outdoor kitchen designs. Often people describe her as “the colorist” as she loves to color her clients’ world and loves to create the unusual. “Vogue” magazine and many prominent publications in California featured Valentina’s work. RAI–Italian National TV invited her to appear in “Cara Francesca Show” and she has made four appearances on T.V. Comcast Channel 15. Author of four published books, one of which is on the subject of colors ©RED – A Voyage Into Colors.
Barnes&Nobles: http://goo.gl/q7dQ3w
The newly published book ©The Road to Top Of The World
paperback – https://tinyurl.com/y7tuyfh8
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The Energy Of Your Home | Valentina Cirasola | Interior Designer

For some reason an episode that happened in my career a few years ago came to my mind yesterday while I was talking in my monthly radio show. I started to talk about how I helped a client in many aspects of his life just by changing colors. The memory was sweet.

Mark (a given name to disguise his identity), a very nice chap, professional, single and always dressed in black needed a facelift in some parts of his home. He was a neat guy, everything was in its right place, but the energy of the house was not right. In one of our thinking moments, you know, coffee, ideas and notes, he confided that something was missing in his life: a steady woman. I don’t discuss private issues with clients, not unless they start first and if they do, I am always ready to listen, it makes my business a little more human.

He confided to be ready for a long-lasting relationship and perhaps marriage. During our conversations, my eyes shifted often on the pictures on the walls, all representing women with their back to the viewers. What is wrong with this? Nothing at all, especially when the paintings are famous and you are not looking for the real woman to settle down with. In the case of my client, the women in his paintings showed their beautiful backs, but the faces were totally hidden, there was no eye connection between him and the women. It was as if they refused his energy to be part of their life, in a figurative way.

I asked him if he was emotionally attached to those paintings and if he was opposed to change them. I suggested shifting the energy by temporarily hanging some pictures of happy looking women smiling, showing their lips, theirs eyes and the full figures in plain front view, perhaps colorful vintage pin-up girls that would bring cheerfulness in his home. We did that and put away the beautiful women’s backs at least for the time being. Looking at new smiling pin-up women everyday was like calling them into his life.

Then we proceeded to change the flow of the home, rearranged furniture, substituted old tired pieces with new ones, added some fresh accessories, new wall colors and real plants that didn’t need much care. The magic happened in his wardrobe. He didn’t know I could create personal images too, or that it is part of my services. For Mark a black shirt was easy to match with a black pants and black shoes, thus easy to get dressed in the morning.

Black is the color that blocks the light and the positive or negative energy from other people. He had the answer to his problems when he heard me speaking these words. In fact he recalled episodes at his work of people being not too friendly with him and keeping away from him. Often he was not invited to social functions because people thought he was single and too busy with different women, in reality the black of his clothes prevented people to get closer to him. In a way the color black made him look too sophisticated or in the eyes of some he was “callus” and not approachable.

The obvious solution to me was to give some colors to his wardrobe and as soon as he started to come out with striped shirts, some prints, elegant solid colors with funky ties and different colors shoes to match with different color pants, his face picked up a new light, a king of positive aura and a new energy. He looked healthier and happier, people started to get closer to him because the changes opened up a friendly path, people felt invited and so did the woman of his life. Six months after this major change, the right woman appeared and they got married. That was his goal and my goal was to create a positive energy in the house and around his image.

Many people treat a home just like an investment without caring much of the content and cleanliness. Often I go into dirty and untidy homes, where I could write the story of my life on the dust of their furniture and where I can smell the fish or the bacon cooked many days before. A home has a soul and not just your soul, the walls and the upholstery breathe all the smells of the house, from perfume to fried food. Dirty windows will block the positive energy from coming in. Organized closets and drawers will help you simplify any chores. The colors of your home will depress you or make you happy, they are that powerful and the right lighting…..will illuminate you! Ciao,

Copyright © 2014 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved

Red Fascinator copyValentina Cirasola is an Italian Interior Designer working in the USA and Europe since 1990. Often people describe her as “the colorist” as she loves to color her clients’ world and loves to create the unusual. “Vogue” magazine and many prominent publications in California featured Valentina’s work. She also has made four appearances on T.V. Comcast Channel 15. Author of three published books, the latest ©RED – A Voyage Into Colors is on the subject of colors.
Amazon: http://goo.gl/xUZfk0
Barnes&Nobles: http://goo.gl/q7dQ3w

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