Spotlight: Melissa Muldoon

Melissa Muldoon

Melissa Muldoon

I have known author Melissa Muldoon for a few years, she is part of the Italian community in my area. She is an extraordinary lover of Italy, its language, arts, food, people and everything Italy produces. She transfers to her followers her love of Italy through her novels and language programs set in Italy. She travels with groups to the country where they learn while having fun.
I think in another life Melissa was born in Italy.

Melissa Muldoon is the author of three novels set in Italy: Dreaming Sophia,” Waking Isabella,” and Eternally Artemisia.”

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Melissa Muldoon’s 3 Books


Eternally Artemisia

Eternally Artemisia – Melissa Muldoon

I adore this video of her latest release Eternally Artemisia, click here to watch it –  
The music has a feeling of almightiness, one can feel the power of a few people designated to rule in epic times when women had no voice…Well…, I leave to you the rest of this intriguing story.

All three books tell the stories of American women and their journeys of self-discovery to find love, uncover hidden truths, and follow their destinies to shape a better future for themselves in Italy. Her second book, “Waking Isabella,” has been translated into Italian — “Il risveglio di Isabella.” All three books are available on Amazon in print and e-pub.

Recently, Dianne Hales, author of La Bella Lingua, reviewed “Eternally Artemisia” and gave it 5 Stars. “A true Renaissance woman, Melissa Muldoon weaves her passions for art and Italy into a stirring saga that sweeps across centuries. As her time-traveling heroine Maddie reconnects with kindred souls, we meet Artemisia Gentileschi, the 17th–century artist who overcame rape and ignominy to gain respect and acclaim. Historic figures such as Galileo and Mussolini also come to life in this intricately plotted novel, but the women who defy all constraints to take control of their destinies are the ones who prove to be eternally fascinating.”

Melissa writes an interesting dual-language blog La Studentessa Matta (the crazy students). Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Melissa Muldoon is participating in my blog tour for the launch of my new book and as a token of my appreciation, she is receiving a reading based on the color of her zodiac sign: Aries, March 21 – April 19.

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

Aries being the first sign of the zodiac shows all the strong signs of Spring, when nature “explode” in a rainbow of colors and beauty. Similarly, the pulse of the sign is also expressed through the color of this sign’s governor, planet Mars, named after the Roman God of war. Mars is a sign that belongs to the element of fire and its flame symbolizes the nuances of Aries’s temperament. People born under this sign are energetic, curious, determined individuals. The colors in the flame of fire, from red to pink to fuchsia well characterize the people with this fiery sign when they select colors for their living space or for the clothes they wear.”
Excerpt from my book ©RED-A Voyage Into Colors – Second Edition.

Contrary to what happens to other people when wearing red, Aries people feel calm when red surrounds them or when they wear red, especially if the red color is mixed with light yellows and off-white or cream colors.

What can I design for a writer better than a writing/library room? This is how I envision the colors for that particular room suitable to an Aries.

AriesColors-Fire Element

Aries Colors – Fire Element

I see Melissa’s writing room enveloped in red and cream with touches of wood, perfect for the warmth of a fire element of Aries. I gave her a nice desk made of Sheesham wood, with a comfortable teak/leather lounge chair where she can fantasize on the next book plot, a striped upholstered cream chair paired with a French spool side table, all set on a cream rug. I see one brick wall and three walls painted in an interesting and elegant Modelo design over a faux finished red paint. I want to add many pillows with a pale yellow/cream designs to soften the red walls, colorful floor lamps and table lamps in Maroccan style.

Melissa, black does not harmonize well with other people around you and represents Saturn, your sworn enemy. I have seen you wearing black, think about it of the negative effect it has on you. You can flaunt any value of red with a little something to calm it down, as I said above. The other colors that agree with your Aries sign are saffron, golden yellow, mustard, and rust. Of course, you can wear any color you want, but you were born in these warm colors, like magic, anything is more favorable to you if you wear them. I hope you like it.

Now, please allow me a bit of shameless promotion for my new book release of ©RED – A Voyage Into Colors – Second Edition . It just happened and a lot of fine authors or artists are helping me to take the book on tour.


Red-A Voyage Into Colors-Second Edition

Red-A Voyage Into Colors-Second Edition – Valentina Cirasola

The book is all about colors, color emotions, color vibrations, color atmospheres, color compositions, color analysis and any which way one wants to use them: in design the interior rooms of any space, in fashion, in food, and/or in more mystical ways. Just remember, colors speak a message, your message…
The book is available on paper print and Kindle.
Visit me on Amazon Author’s Page.

Copyright © 2019 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved


Valentina with short hair

Valentina Cirasola is an interior-fashion designer, author of 5 published books so far, a storyteller, and a blogger of many years. She has conceived a few new books of various subjects to which she is working simultaneously. Her books are non-fictional, practical ideas to apply in the home, fashion, cooking, and travel. She never gives up trying new things and doesn’t fear failure. A couple of years ago, Valentina became a TV producer/host. Valentina Design Universe is the label under which she produces her shows in the studio and online. The goal of her shows is to entertain, inspire and inform, while she is living her passion. Get a copy of her books on
Amazon and Barnes&Noble






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