Neglected Home Entrance | Valentina Cirasola | Interior Designer

During the year, I have the habit of visiting my past clients, just to see how they are doing, asking if they still like the house I designed for them, or if they need anything new from me. I bring them a little gift as a thank you for being my clients, just a little something they can use, such as a box of blank cards, a set of pens, a new year calendar, a set of kitchen towels, a book of stamps, things of this sort. Rarely, I found someone at home, therefore I leave my little gift at the main entrance and then call to tell them there is something from me at the front door waiting to be picked up.

Why do I have to call them and spoil my surprise? A long time ago I realized people enter their home from the back door or the garage, Instead of going through the main entry. Of course, it is easier to park the car in the back to unload grocery, packages, kids, and everything else, then enter the house from there and most likely they end up directly in the kitchen. These people spend a load of money to decorate the main entrance they never see and enjoy.


Landing Main Entrance

The main entrance is used for guests who never park in the backside of the house or in the garage of their friends, they are honored through the front entry. The guests have the privilege to see all the beauty of the front entry, artistic lighting, plants, smell the scent of flowers, enjoy the decorative items whatever might be, stones, metal sculptures, fountains, statues or sounds of chimes. It makes me think guests are reputed more important than the people living there, who pay the mortgage, the property tax, pay for the gardener to keep all the vegetation manicured, pay the window cleaner, and at one point might have paid for a landscaper or a designer to make the front entrance inviting and beautiful. Is it really this way? Are guests more important than you are?

It reminds me of my mom’s house when I lived at home with my parents. My mom kept one room always closed, we called it the salon due to the large size of the room, which hosted the living and dining room together. Nobody was allowed to go in that room, except for cleaning it or when we had guests, which was often, yet us the family, were not allowed to use the room if nothing was happening. Things changed when I moved away, museum rooms did not exist in any of the houses I lived.

One day, I returned to visit my mom, I sat in the salon, I did it on purpose, brought along a magazine, something to eat with drinks, raised my legs on the coffee table and parked my derriere in that room she didn’t want us to use for so many years. She was furious about my belligerence, but I made her understand that as her daughter I was supposed to be more important than her guests, just because she made me. From that moment on I forced her to allow me to eat in her best dishes and drink out of her best glasses, in her company, in that salon she never enjoyed in all the years she had it.

Life is too short not to enjoy the beautiful things we worked for and surrounded ourselves.

Front Yard

Front Yard Display at Main Entrance

I just want to point out that being greeted with the usual mess of the garage (I have seen some horrific garage mess), boxes, dirty laundry, sports equipment, maybe cars, maybe the husband’s mechanical/woodworking machines, Christmas decorations, etc. etc. is not a good vibration, it’s not harmony and it’s not pleasant to come home to.

Picture this: you return home after a long day at work, your boss has been nasty, your kids have done something stupid, perhaps you realize your husband has a sexy secretary. your grandmother became a virgin again or it has been just the wrong day with Mercury retrograde. There is nothing in that garage greeting you with beauty, no nice scent to smell, no vibrant color to uplift your spirit, nothing to make you feel better, but your main entrance has all of that and it is neglected.

After a bad day, try this, enter the home through your well-decorated main entrance, you will hear it saying: “Come in, this is your home and nothing is going to bother you here”. The spirit of your home will take care of you. Do you believe a home has a spirit? I do and I can tell you some pretty stories, but I will leave that for another time.

I am not trying to change the world, people will live as they want, in dirty houses, with a messy garage, in all-white walls, minimalist empty homes, aseptic, lifeless homes, or kitschy decor. I am just trying to make a point, if you spend money for something, whatever it might be, enjoy it now while you are alive, do it for yourself, you are the most important actor of your life’s film.
“My life is a theatre and this is my comedy” ~ I said it.



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ValValentina Cirasola is a storyteller by nature. Stories are very important to her design career to convey ideas because making someone’s home or personal images is not only about building around shapes, lines, forms, and colors. It is about the story one can create around their spaces and how they want to appear to others. She is the author of five books, all available on
The latest published books are ©The Road To Top Of The World –
and ©Naked Lemons –





She Will Keep Dancing With Your Helping Hand | Valentina Cirasola | Designer and Author

During my years of traveling through Europe, I met a cute girl who had a dream of becoming a ballerina. I visited her every time I was in her hometown. She was six years old then. Through the years she took the ballerina matter very seriously, she put all her passion into it, and she became a real pro. She is 17 now, she studies at a regular high school in the morning and at the ballet school in the afternoon every day. She makes the best grades of the whole school, she reads and writes in 3 languages, she writes blogs in English, she is disciplined in her dancing training, always focused on her goals and sustains healthy nutrition to suit her ballerina regimen.

(Click on each photo to view it larger).

She received a few accolades and recognitions for her dancing art, among which she is the recipient of a second place in the international dancing contest at Baridanza and she passed the audition for the Alvin Ailey New York.

Her goal is to study at the School of America Ballet in a New York and be part of the Summer Intensive at the San Francisco Ballet School. To get the qualifications she needs to make a successful dancing career, she needs to enroll in a prestigious school, and she needs funds. Ballet is the art of harmony, graciousness, and spectacular movements. She needs to study with the masters to be recognized in the world of ballet, that’s just the way it is in this special industry, but it puts a lot of stress on the parents’ finance. She lives in a family of five and only the father provides for their living needs and the kids’ school needs.

Paola Dream Board

Paola Dream Board

As her promoter and a woman without kids, I want to help her as her Godmother. In my life, I became the aunt of all my clients and friends’ kids.
I want to be part of this deserving kid’s life, watch her grow professionally and finally see her in the famous theaters of the world in a very near future. She needs all the financial help she can get, any amount will work. Her name is Paola, she is 17 and she thanks all you for contributing to the making of her future. Without your help, she cannot continue her path, her dream, and her life’s work will go wasted. Youth is our heritage, let’s help to realize her dream.

Visit her donation page here –
and if you like, please visit her website where you can watch her dancing in a few video clips –
Her dancing career must not stop here. 

Please help Paola out, any amount will work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 😀❤️🌹
Paola is forever grateful to you and all you can do for her. ❤️❤️❤️


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Valentina with short hairValentina Cirasola has been in business as a designer of interiors and fashion since 1990. She has helped a variegated group of fun people realizing their dreams with homes, offices, interiors, and exteriors. Furthermore, she has helped various charitable communities raising funds for different causes. Valentina’s life is a continuous evolvement of colorful events. Being Italian born and raised, classicism, style, and timeless designs influenced her design work. She will create your everyday living with a certain luxury without taking away a comfortable living. She is a blogger, an author of 5 books and a public speaker. Get a copy of one of her books here:


Ethnic Summer | Valentina Cirasola | Designer

Traveling to a foreign country is about learning a different culture, taste new food, approaching local people in their language, trying their customs and bring back some of the beauty to talk about with my friends over a dinner party. Ethnic fabrics, jewelry, and some home décor are usually the things I bring back, hoping I will have a place or a use for them.
Ethnic fashion is about creating a distinctive look wearing a garment of a racial group or foreign society that can be incorporated in the western fashion, just like this mandala skirt below.  It is like celebrating diversity in a personal way.


ZuChic -Mandala

ZuChic -Mandala


Mandala Fabric

Etsy – Mandala Fabric

I would make a spectacular jacket out of this mandala fabric. I found it on Etsy

Flowing dresses and layered patterns is one of the ways to combine ethnic design.






In the 20th century, western society was smitten by the Eastern far side of the world from the European Bohemian style outfits of the hippies and flower children to the Indian style, China style, Middle Eastern and African style of the ’70s. In the 1990s, approaching the new Millennium, designers felt to reconcile with the ethnicity of distant countries, creating new expressions of eclectic without being too faithful to the style of a particular country. Exotic was a word coined then. If it came from elsewhere, it was exotic and therefore accepted as new and out of the ordinary. Of course, if we look back in history, chinoiserie and silk fabrics were the high styles of Italian and French courts in the 1700s. Their fashion and home décor reflected the acceptance of foreign influence in their culture.

Ethnic Hat by Cicely Gilman

Ethnic Hat by Cicely Gilman

My friend Cicely Gilman hand-embroidered this style hat, reminiscence of the traditional Arab Kufi hat for men. Today, western women can wear this style of hat with modern clothes, casual jeans, or ethnic clothes. However, think how good this colorful hat could highlight a woman stark business outfit and take the serious edge off of it. Cicely is not a person afraid of colors. She produces fabrics for fashion and interiors. Find her bold and vibrant creations here:

This necklace is one of my latest purchases on eBay and I will wear it with a very modern outfit. All the little metal beads will make a nice sound when I move, kind of like wearing windchimes and all the nice thoughts will come in. I heard a phrase in the  film Return To Me:
“When bells ring, angels appear”. Perhaps, the sound of this necklace will do it.

eBay Ethnic Necklace

eBay Ethnic Necklace

Fashion Services

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ValValentina Cirasola is a trained Fashion and Interior Designer, born in Italy in a family of artists. Style surrounded her since the beginning of her life. Her many years of experience led her to offer consultations in both specializations and now she can remodel homes as well as personal images. She is passionate about colors and encourages her clients to express their individual style in their homes and with the clothes they wear.
To better help people all over the world, she offers consultations online. She is the author of four books. Get your copy of Valentina’s book on colors: ©RED-A Voyage Into Colors on Barnes&Nobles:

A Life With A View | Valentina Cirasola | Designer and Author

I went to street markets and discussed food with the vendors, I tasted the food I will never see again (unfortunately) unless I return soon, I got drenched in colors, breathed the salty air of the Adriatic Sea and soaked the local traditions. I heard the patois I am so familiar with and amused myself listening to people speaking it. I made new friends, and I wrote a lot of travel notes. That was my travel to the South Riviera of Italy.

Remembering those days, feelings of rage and happiness run together now, I don’t even know if I belong there even though that is my native land, but on the other hand, I don’t feel I belong somewhere else either!

(Click on each photo to view it larger).

Lungomare Bari

Lungomare Bari

Along the wall of the military fort, it felt as if I was on the balcony of the Adriatic Sea. The Fort of Sant’Antonio Abate, a lookout tower since the first half of the twentieth century is the highest point of the old city. From there the gaze follows the entire layout of the medieval walls and the outline of the waterfront. People living up here enjoy the sound of the waves every day. The air was cool and fizzy, we kept climbing to the top, dusk was coming, maybe the wind was going to pick up speed, the Sea and the sky were going to be dark in unison.


Fortino Colors

Fortino Colors

I heard the passerby saying they would love to live here in these picture-perfect places. Of course, who wouldn’t? This small house sits on valuable land,  the circular entrance takes to the upstairs loggia and inside the house through small steps, it faces the Sea and has the best exposure to natural sunlight. People living here have a life with a view. It feels harmonious, it feels healthy. The sun’s energy welcomes them in the morning where the horizon meets the Sea and salutes them falling into the Sea at dusk. Magic!



Dusk caught up with us and suddenly we had a desire of the local focaccia, the top filled with fresh tomatoes, olives, oregano, course marine salt, the best olive oil and nothing else. It goes with a super chilled Peroni beer, which the local people prefer to drink out of sweating glass bottle. At that moment, everyone was quiet, and I heard a total silence speaking in the beautiful rosey sunset background. The food here is so good that silence people!

Sei a Casa Sei a Bari

Photo: Sei a Casa Sei a Bari

Like all the good vacations, they must be short, intense with emotions and all must stop when everything is still pleasurable.

Focaccia Barese in Preparation

Focaccia Barese in Preparation

I returned to my California home and made the focaccia I ate on the Souther Italian Riviera. It was very good but not as good as the one I ate that evening at dusk on the Fort Sant’Antonio Abate. Here, the water, the soil and the ingredients are so different, nothing will ever come the same as in Puglia, at least I am happy I can do it.

Geez, a month of vacation is never enough!
My European genes are calling. See you soon, Europe!


Copyright © 2019 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved



Valentina with short hairAs a writer and cultural promoter of Puglia, her native land, Valentina’s intention is to let readers feel and experience a new ”wheel of emotions”. She wants to encourage them to visit areas of Italy not beaten by massive tourism. Through stories of local customs, art, architecture, fashion, food-wines, shopping, she wants them to create their special adventures and live it up in Puglia! Check out her books on
The latest published book ©The Road To Top Of The World is a travel narrative on short stories of Puglia  –




Blushing Backstage | Valentina Cirasola | Designer

Welcome to a new episode of Friday Fashion.

Pantone today emphasizes “Big Sur Sunset” of California. The light on Big Sur is really different compared to the Mediterranean golden light I am used to seeing at sunset. In those parts of California, the coast is rugged, the roads are winding and the view is breathtaking. The sunset reminds me that occasionally in California the gargoyles spit blush wine, a cool, gentle and refreshing wine for summer days. In the Pantone photo, the blush color melts away into the light blue of the ocean. Immediately, when I saw this photo, I thought of the blush color evening bag I gifted my sister. The clutch is very extravagant with an incrustation of glass and rhinestones that can illuminate a city. I would like her to wear it for her soirées at the theatre.

(Click on each photo to view it larger).


Pantone Bug Sur Sunset

Pantone Big Sur Sunset

It seems the display I made for my picture, with the crochet blush fingerless gloves and all the jewelry colors go well with the graphic description Pantone makes about Big Sur Sunset.

Blush Glitzy Bag

Blush Glitzy Bag

Will my sister wear the sky blue floral and gem-studded shoes or the black ones?  I will leave it to her choice.
These shoes are an eye-catcher for sure!

My Goody Shoes

My Goody Shoes

Luxury floral gem-studded heels


Luxury floral gem studded heels

My Goody Shoes – Luxury floral gem-studded heels

Luxury Floral Gem Studded Heels 496


The fashion forecasts say that this blush and powdery color will continue in the next winter season. Some women just look washed out in this color, how you wear it, can be interesting or dull. Free People combine a blush velvet jacket with a graphic t-shirt. I adore Free People fashion.

Free People

Free People

I hope you are having many Summer blush sunsets. Ciao,
Fashion Services

Copyright © 2019 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved

Valentina Cirasola is a trained Fashion and Interior Designer, born in Italy in a family of artists. Style surrounded her since the beginning of her life. Her many years of experience led her to offer consultations in both specializations and now she can remodel homes as well as personal images. She is passionate about colors and encourages her clients to express their individual style in their homes and with the clothes they wear. To better help people all over the world, she offers consultations online. She is the author of four books. Get your copy of Valentina’s book on colors: ©RED-A Voyage Into Colors on Barnes&Nobles:


Naked Lemons | Valentina Cirasola | Designer and Author

Hear, hear, ©Naked Lemons, a short ebook was just born yesterday.
This 26-page booklet was born from the Limoncello making class I teach two seasons out of the year when oranges and lemons are in a fragrant full production. It is something I like to do to get away from my design business. Many times, the participants to my Limoncello classes asked me if the material now written in this booklet was included in my previous published cookery books featuring the cuisine of the Italian southern region of Puglia.
Their question always caught me off guard. I never thought the ancient practice of making simple food out of scraps that generally are thrown away, would have become such a great hit but it did and finally, I decided to collect all of those traditions in one short pamphlet. With this information, no food will go to waste, it will create a new awareness that all parts of foods are good to use for consumption.

(Click on each photo to view it larger).

The Naked Lemons

Naked Lemons

Limoncello is a yellow drink, traditional of the Italian Amalfi Coast. It is a cordial fragrant drink, sweet to the right point, spirited but not too much, extracted from lemons. It brings people together and makes them happy, it’s all about that yellow energy exuding from the lemons.



Limoncello has a dual function, it can be served with appetizers as an aperitif or a spritz, and it can be served as a digestive after-dinner drink. That’s the reason Limoncello is a popular drink among party-goers and especially during the holidays. I have a lot of pleasure making Limoncello during the summer and give it as a gift for Christmas in a basket full of other goodie produced from the lemons I grow. I make candied lemon peels, lemon cookies, and roasted lemons to mix in baked chickens, salads, sandwiches, and meat rosts. “Giving the gift of food is like giving the gift of love”.

Making Limoncello leaves 10 lemons without the skin. In this booklet, I give suggestions on how to turn all the “naked” lemons into different products for cooking, for daily beauty, products, and daily house cleaning. No chemicals, no harmful agents. That chapter is called: “My food is not only for cooking”.
©Naked Lemons ebook is available on Amazon all over the world –
Get that great yellow, juicy energy. Ciao,


Copyright © 2019 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved

Valentina with short hairValentina Cirasola has been in business as an interior designer since 1990 improving people’s life by changing their spaces. Most often she designs kitchens and wine grottos; outdoor kitchens and outdoor rooms; great rooms and entertainment rooms. Her deep interest in food led her as an autodidact in the studies of food in history, natural remedies, nutrition, and well-being. Finally, she wrote two books on Italian regional cuisine and one book on color theory, in which she included one recipe for each color. Her latest book, a travel narrative contains many stories of food and entertainment.
©The Road To Top Of The World – paperback and kindle –
Get your copy of Valentina’s books on




Cheetah and Yellow | Valentina Cirasola | Interior Designer

A few days ago, I was wearing cheetah print pants with funky yellow shoes. I was waiting for someone to come to the appointment.
As usual, when I get bored waiting, I take a photo of my shoes or what I am wearing, I am not much of a selfie person. I find my selfie feet don’t have that frozen look all faces have in selfies.

Later, I posted the picture on my Pinterest board So Chic, So Stylish and made a comment that, in my fantasy, I see an interior with that combination.
Good enough, I caught someone’s attention. The comment intrigued a person who asked me how I would see yellow and cheetah combined in a room.
We started to talk and pretty soon I had a solution for her.

(Click on each photo to view it larger).

Cheetah and Yellow Shoes

Cheetah and Yellow Shoes


Cheetah Yellow Dream Board

Cheetah Yellow Dream Board

(In this dream board, the lanterns and wood shell photos come from rajeesoodhome on Instagram)

In my dream board, I see a yellow love seat, and various rustic, wood type elements: bamboo floor lamp, a chiseled edge coffee table, wood accessories, a stack of colorful pillows and many different shapes of lanterns gathered in one same corner. The cheetah wall I think it’s impressive as an accent wall.
Animal prints require natural and organic material. After all, cheetahs live in the wild nature.

I researched on how to get the cheetah effect on the wall. It’s an easy DIY paint project. Jennifer at Etsy sells all kinds of decorative paint rollers. In this video, she explains so easily how to do it, mix paint with glaze and roll over the desired pattern.

I shall be waiting for the photos of the interior I conceived for this new Pinterest client, I am so glad she found me. Technology is just great when it works. Ciao,


Copyright © 2019 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved


Valentina with short hairValentina Cirasola is an Italian Interior Designer since 1990, specializing in interior and exterior, color analysis, kitchen, bath, wine cellar, and outdoor kitchen designs. Often people describe her as “the colorist” as she loves to color her clients’ world and loves to create the unusual. “Vogue” magazine and many prominent publications in California featured Valentina’s work. RAI–Italian National TV invited her to appear in “Cara Francesca Show” and she has made four appearances on T.V. Comcast Channel 15. Author of four published books, one of which is on the subject of colors
©RED – A Voyage Into Colors.
The newly published book is  ©The Road to Top Of The World
Paperback and Kindle –

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