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“Color is the language of the listening eye! New book on color by Valentina Cirasola”
By Melissa Muldoon –


This is my truth now – author-alert-spotlight


This article was written by James J.Cudney IV on This Is My Truth Now blog site in the Author Spotlight section.

Article about Valentina Cirasola Author on

Article about Valentina Cirasola Author on

The article was written by Dalila Bellacicco “Nel Top Of The World”  for the paper Gioianet in Italy –


The article was written by Bianca Friundi on the Italo-Americano paper.




On March 27, 2015, I was awarded a nice plaque for my participation in the design concept of the Little Italy Arch in San Jose, CA.
Read here the article La Scintilla Italian wrote on the event.
La Scintilla Italiana wrote:
After several years of fundraising, seeking in-kind donors and city approval, and project managing the construction, Little Italy San Jose is ready for the unveiling ceremony of its 31 foot Little Italy Arch.”


The article was written by Style contributor Anna Volpicelli  and Laura Compton on San Francisco Chronicle


Article Written by Gianluca Corinaldesi at the S.F. – Feb. 21, 2011

“An Evening with Author Valentina Cirasola and Italian Food”. Click here to read the article:

Examiner_An Evening With Author Valentina Cirasola and Italian Food – San Francisco Italian culture |

Article Written by Linda Covella at the Campbell Patch – Jan. 15, 2011

“Recipes From The Queen”. Click here to read the article:
Recipes From a Queen – Campbell, CA Patch



Newsletter by Olive Bar, Campbell, CA – Jan.16, 2011
Click here below  to read the article:

The Olive Bar: Meet Author Valentina Cirasola | Downtown Campbell, CA

By: Valentina Cirasola  – Author

I am happy to announce that my second book: “Sins Of A Queen” – Italian Appetizers and Desserts was published Dec.14, 2010 as planned.
I will be starting the launch on January 2011. This second book is marking Valentina’s book collection now in the making. I have plans of writing books on various subjects for the next few years.
The third book already in the writing will be on the subject of Colors and will be released by the end of 2011.

©Sins Of A Queen is available here in this site at the Books Page and also in various locations:

©Sins Of A Queen will show the readers that it is not necessary to be a chef to cook good food, but it’s simply enough to eat those “make you feel good food” to feel like a Queen, the type food that will give so much energy to illuminate an entire city.

The Queen (me) will uncover how to prepare desserts with fruit in a healthy way and how to turn appetizers into meal size dishes to keep the readers young and fit while eating well.

Cooking is my passion. I have accumulated a high knowledge of food and a few decades of experience in cooking for family, friends and myself.
I wrote this second book to benefit again the readers in everyday life and especially when organizing parties with food. In writing this book I wanted to target a variety of issues:

1. The recipes are fast and easy for busy working people and delicious.
2. The recipes are healthy. We want to stay young as long as possible. The book is again a promise of youth!
3. Readers don’t have to go to Paris to find the ingredients, they are in local stores.
4. ©Sins Of A Queen is entertaining, witty and humoristic. Readers will find stories of my life, anecdotes, historical notes and talks of traditions, in addition to my own personal hand drawings and photos. Like my first book, I designed the entire interior of the book and the colorful cover. Never I stop designing, which is one thing I do very well.

The event for the signing of her second book will happen:
January 16, 2011 – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
The Olive Bar
232 E. Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

Author and Designer

“Bread And Wine: Table For Knights”

Copyright © 2011 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved


By: Valentina Cirasola – Author

Writing the first book was a load of “healthy” fun, so much so that my goal for the next few years is to write a collection of Valentina’s books on various subjects. The titles of all the books I have in mind to write are already there and that is a good starting point. The next book on Italian Appetizers and Desserts will be published by the end of 2010.

My first book title is: ©Come Mia Nonna – A Return To Simplicity – was published on Thanksgiving day 2009.

The book is available in this site at the Books Page and also in various locations:

The readers will find that this book benefits them in everyday life and especially when organizing parties with food. In writing this book I wanted to target a variety of issues:

a. The recipes I have chosen to include are fast to make and they are delicious. A busy working person can make a nice meal in an hour or less.
b. The recipes are healthy, we want to stay young as long as possible. They will help anyone staying on an excellent low calories diet.
c. The recipes will save you money in your daily cooking and when you have large parties, the ingredients are not expensive to buy, therefore the book is cost-conscious.
d. The recipes will impress anyone’s guests. They might ask if the host has gone to the culinary academy to take lessons.
e. The easy recipes will help people who have never cooked creating a tasty meal; will help people who are afraid of cooking and those who are very busy.

My book ©Come Mia Nonna – A Return To Simplicity talks about the culture of the Italian Region of Puglia where I come from and its healthy cooking. It is a hymn to my Italian land, to my origins, to the stories of the past, anecdotes, and traditions. The book is filled with my personal drawings of the various specialties and plenty of photos.

This book is a promise of youth! The people from Puglia, in Italy, are long-lived, just because of our simple cooking. Be careful not to confuse simple with poor. Simplicity is the key of elegance and when life is simple God answers. Decorating your table and your dining room, using your best ceramic dish and best cutlery for everyday use, will bring you the enjoyment of small moments and will enhance your everyday life.

While writing this book, I was still doing what I like to do best: Designing! In fact, I designed the entire book interior and the colorful cover. Once a designer, a person is always a designer!
In my designing career I have focused on the word  “building” as the key to every thought:

a. Building personal fashion images for my clients based on their body shape, the color of skin, eyes, hair, and personality.

b. Building personalized spaces with style in homes and offices based on the client’s lifestyle and making sure the client’s natural energy flows positively and harmoniously.

c. Building functional kitchens with all the comforts and modern amenities.

There is no better designer than the one who cooks! If I can balance beauty, harmony, comfort, color, and style in people’s home, I can also balance aromas, taste, flavors, calories, and costs for the dining table as well. Enjoy my book! Ciao.
Designer and Author

The red on the cheeks comes from the mouth” ~ an old folk saying.

Copyright © 2009-2021 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved

Author’s Page:


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  1. Rising Star
    Mar 15, 2021 @ 14:50:57

    Wow, It’s indeed a lengthy article but written so nicely that no one can skip without reading it. Keep it up, dear Valentina. You are gorgeous



  2. Teagan Geneviene
    Dec 30, 2016 @ 17:25:53

    What a marvelous collection of articles, Valentina. And to be featured in the San Francisco Gate! I was “California dreaming” for nearly 20 years (before the cost of housing made me give up), and followed that newspaper for a long time.
    Wishing you a fantastic 2017. Hugs

    Liked by 2 people


  3. Aquileana
    Oct 16, 2014 @ 19:19:14

    I nominated you for a The Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out the nomination at the end of this post
    Thank you and best wishes to you, Aquileana 😀

    Liked by 1 person


    • Valentina
      Oct 18, 2014 @ 00:42:46

      Aquileana, you are a doll, thank you so much for nominating me with the award, I feel honored.
      However, since I have received so many awards through the years and I don’t have any more space for them, I have stopped accepting awards. I would like other bloggers to receive all they can.
      Thanks again for considering my blog.



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