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I’ve been wearing a great deal of colors this year, I am more obsessed with colors than ever. I have been wearing all hues mostly from yellow, gold, pink, lilac, and violet/blue, two or three of these colors at a time in various combinations. I feel the world has gone grey this year. It doesn’t seem people have any desire to smile anymore, and that grey patina I see in people’s small facial areas left uncovered hurts me. My eyes, my soul, and my body need nourishment, to be exact color nourishment and protection against all of that. I am sure a lot of other people feel the same as I do, I find my support in the colors of nature, I don’t know where others find their support. We are connected to earth and planets, that’s the answer. In the morning I get up in the colors of planets I was born under. I feel aligned with the universe and I get up always happy to be awake again.

I am feeling the yellow a lot, the color of the sun, the only planet that gives life to earth, without the sun nothing would exist. Without the sun we wouldn’t write books, we wouldn’t cultivate tomatoes and lemons, we wouldn’t visit the Colosseum or ride a gondola in Venice. Yes, the yellow color of the sun is a universal battery energizer, it is there for the good, the bad, and the ugly people…

I heard someone on a Facebook group saying that she bought a yellow jacket for her birthday at age 57 and was the first time in her life she wore yellow. She was afraid of yellow, she said when I asked her why.
I wondered if she had been living in a dark box for 57 years, not liking yellow is like not liking the sun and not liking life. I understand people who have a pinkish tone skin don’t look good in yellow, but for them, it’s OK to wear it at the bottom part of the body or simply as accessories.



There has never been a time when I have not put on a stitch of yellow or gold, or not surrounded myself with yellow. Take a look at my picture to understand I live in colors.
My weekly color challenge for this past week was yellow-gold, green, and amber. I challenge myself and others just to see how they interpret colors.

From time to time each color has a job to do, its wavelengths have magnetism, which turns into energy. One can change the whole life around with the knowledge of colors.
For this week I used green for interior peace, I am wearing it in one form or another and I eat it as well. Yellow and gold for manifesting my goals. I don’t have any amber clothes, but I have amber rings and I am wearing them all week to balance emotions, clear the mind, and release negative energy. That was the work these three colors had to do for me this week. Ciao,
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It’s my hope that through my writing and my stories I am enriching your aesthetic sensibility towards design, style, and inspiring you to live in beauty. I love to encourage my clients to show their personality through their home décor, or the clothes they wear. I have loved my profession as an interior-fashion designer since 1990. I am here ready to offer consultations on-line if you need it. Check out one of my books on the subject of colors, ©RED-A Voyage Into Colors, Second Edition.


Positivity Weekly Color Challenge: Turquoise | Valentina Cirasola | Designer

Being on shelter-in time and away from humans has pushed a lot of people of different backgrounds to create kind of a silent movement simply for entertaining and contributing to the serenity of others. They offer a little something beneficial to the soul, they are helping others while helping themselves being uplifted. I don’t feel exonerated and I am doing just the same. I started with solo videos talking about short stories of the “Evolution Of The Home” then I interviewed people on my TV Show “Inspiration From…”. I went on with a monthly inspirational Zoom call with my Facebook group Design One Beautiful Life and now I am challenging the members of this group with a “Positive Weekly Color Challenge”. Helping others is fun and makes me feel good, it keeps me also away from my own challenges. The other day I was wearing mirrored rose-colored glasses while attending my garden. I kept seeing a bluish, rosy, and pale yellow light through my lenses, which gave my environment a serene view. A thought came to my mind, why do we need to wear rose-colored glasses?

In a highly stressful time such as this one we are experiencing, we need to see the whole picture in a more positive way, find ways to improve our life or ways to be creative in making a new living and certainly stay away from negativity.

(Click on each photo to view it larger).


Pink and Turquoise – Valentina Cirasola

Wearing “rose-colored glasses” is an expression used to describe a person who sees only the positive. Through the rose-colored glasses, the world takes a softer tone, not everything looks so harsh and we develop compassion for ourselves and others. Pink vibration takes us back to childhood cuddling, teaches us playfulness, and self-love.
Yes, it’s good to love yourself, do it often and believe it. If we pair pink with turquoise, we will find our inner peace to share with others, in fact, when we are at peace our immunity system will strengthen on its own. The world, while wearing rose-colored glasses, will look a bit more pleasant and it did while I was working in the garden wearing my pair of rose-colored glasses.

For the entire week, we need to be more introspective using pink and turquoise. I promise it will push out some emotions. I suggest to surround yourself with home objects in these two colors, or wear something pink with turquoise, and be restful pondering about feeling the love for yourself.

These are some of the responses I received from the members of the group about this positive color challenge.


Valentina Cirasola's Still Life

Pink and Turquoise – Valentina Cirasola


A few months ago, in the sea of people on the Internet, and in various groups, I spotted Sandra Phillips, from England, one super creative person, who uses her admiration for colors and her ability to see endless possibilities beyond “pre-loved clothes”, to create new, very original outfits. She hand illustrates every outfit she wears daily. She appeared on my TV show “Inspiration from a fashion lover” and from there I was hooked on her style. Here she is wearing a knotted turquoise linen shirt and cerise linen cropped balloon pants. On her feet, she is wearing a pair of Michael Kors gold leather gladiator sandals (£10 in a charity shop). Cerise button earrings and a wooden tassel necklace accessorize her ensemble. Everything is pre-loved from charity shops. Great finds!
She is on Instagram.

Pink and Turquoise

Pink and Turquoise-Sandra Phillips

Cicely Gilman from California is a very colorful fabric artist, she is into painting fashion and home décor items. Lately, she has been making face masks using her hand-painted fabric. Here she is wearing her favorite mauve pink color. The top has been beautifully embroidered with turquoise and cream threads, that she paired with a mauve cut-velvet skirt and a pink cotton petticoat. She accessorizes this outfit with a turquoise necklace. Well done! She is on Etsy.


Pink and Turquoise

Pink and Turquoise-Cicely Gilman

Joe Hinchliffe from Australia writes a daily poem based on the color or pattern of the garment she wears, then she recites the poem in a video. She is so witty! Here she is showing two upcycled garments she made last year in these colors. She joined garments together to create unique, bespoke outfits. The pink pants, she says, are actually made from a pashmina scarf. Clever idea! A few other women I met online do the same, this is a new expression of individuality. She is on Facebook.

Pink and Turquoise

Pink and Turquoise – Jo Hinchliffe

Nikki Wellington from Australia is a multifaceted artist, she is a lantern maker, a mosaic artist, prop maker, and doodler. She is also a face and body painter. She drew a quick doodle/sketch in pink and turquoise for this challenge. The line of the outfit is very becoming and the necklace is so attractive.  She is on Facebook.



Pink and Turquoise – Nikki Wellington


Teagan Geneviene is a prolific author living in New Mexico. I love her 1920’s stories. Coral is a cousin’s color pink, it works for me, even if is it is red. She made this coral necklace many years ago. She found a carved turquoise Kuan Yin and attached it to the long string of coral, that she could wear it many different ways, including as a belt with the pendant as a drop. Great idea! She elaborated on the stone representing Kuan Yin. The deity has been worshiped in many countries for thousands of years. Over time she’s become a sort of an “all-purpose goddess” since so many things are attributed to her. She’s mostly a goddess of mercy. “Chinese Bodhisattva/ Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Kindness is considered to be a mother-goddess”. Thank you.


Coral and Turquoise – Teagan Geneviene

Teagan is currently writing a novel set in 1965. She is giving her heroine, Venus, this turquoise and pink creation from a 1965 issue of Vogue magazine. See her books here.

Horst P. Horst

Pink and Turquoise – Credit: Horst P. Horst

Dorothy Atkins
is a California artist. Her art has been featured in local magazines and national news articles. For the pink and turquoise challenge, she presented her box of color including her hand-painted cards and favorite Laurel Birch scarf. Nice display. View her artwork here.

Dorothy Atkins

Pink and Turquoise- Dorothy Atkins


This has been fun, now experience your feelings, live with these two colors for the entire week, arrange this color combination in your home, wear it interchanging fashion items and jewelry and eat some pink macaroon or pink pasta. I made a bunch of gnocchi from red beets and came out so beautifully colored. I will eat them for the entire week with one sauce or another. As for turquoise food, there aren’t that many, blueberry tea or blueberry ice cream will do.


Gnocchi-Red Beets-Gorgonzola – Valentina Cirasola

Next week’s challenge will be about another fun color combination. Ciao,
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Copyright © 2020 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved



It’s my hope that through my writing and my stories I am enriching your aesthetic sensibility towards design, style, and inspiring you to live in beauty. I love to encourage my clients to show their personality through their home décor, or the clothes they wear. I have loved my profession as an interior-fashion designer since 1990. I am here ready to offer consultations on-line if you need it. Check out one of my books on the subject of colors:
©RED-A Voyage Into Colors, Second Edition, paperback, and kindle.
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