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Girl-Pink-Green-1aWelcome to my Friday Fashion episode.
In this cold month of January I cannot carry on thinking of spring just yet. I want to live in the moment, enjoying this season, feeling the cold wind on my face and wearing cozy clothes on grey days. Welcome every change of season.

January is the month to wear white and not because we are going to a ski resort, but because it is a cozy color to roll in. A city winter white coat should be ample, loose fit enough to give you space to wear a sweater or layered clothes underneath with a large collar or hood to embrace you in warmth. I like my coats with a few deep pockets and frogged closures. Fabrics for a winter white coat should be light and warm for easy wear. It should contain mixed wools, cashmere, merino, alpaca, or a mixture of all and it should be scotch guarded on for easy cleaning.

A white coat is versatile, easy to wear with jeans, any regular pants or fuseaux (leggings). With a white coat I would not wear white shoes and bags, it’s January after all. The accessories should be the accent. For a sober look, colors can range from warm beige, saddle, tobacco to grey and black. For a more playful look other colors can find their way in the mixing. White coat over white garment is the classic combination, perfect for brunette or red hair women, but not for blond women.

Long time ago I wore real fur hats, now I wear ecological furs. I like that feeling of sinking my head in the soft fur even though it is faux. Gloves and scarf will add the finish touch. I just ordered my houndtooth long gloves and now I am ready to face the cold weather.

Stay warm and cozy. Make time for a stop at a café for a hot cocoa. Ciao,

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PrintValentina Cirasola is a trained Fashion and Interior Designer, born in Italy in a family of artists. Style surrounded her since the beginning of her life. Her many years of experience led her to offer consultations in both specializations and now she can remodel homes as well as personal images. To better help people in the world she offers consultations online. She is the author of three books. Get your copy of Valentina’s book on colors: ©RED-A Voyage Into Colors on
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Detox Yourself and Your Home After Holidays | Valentina Cirasola | Interior Designer

My holiday decorations are gone, everything went to sleep until next Christmas. Do you feel as if your home has lost its spark? All the shimmering lights are turned off, colorful decorations are gone, the glitters are not shining and everything looks opaque. Well it’s January, in most parts of the world is cold and white, why not enjoy the cold season and cooler colors of this month?

(photo: https://holawallpaper.com/wallpaper/hot-chocolate-17186-17186.html)

Let’s start with a cup of hot cocoa in our hands. Ideas come easier with something brown, silky and sweet. We need to fill that space where the Christmas tree was. I suggest a lamp in that corner, something we can borrow from other rooms for the time being, or a rope light disguised into a pot, a glass vase or behind furniture.


Let’s play with all white color range. Between the cream colors, light beige, warm whites, antique whites and crystals accessories we can edit some rooms with real winter style to make it warm and cozy. Take out the fuzzy throw blanket and the ecologic fur pillows to feel in the mood for a crackling fireplace and a good book for companion.
To balance the white colors bring in some fragrant and colorful plants such as white paper lilies, a bright red Amaryllis, hyacinth, or a winter star plant. It will be like calling spring to hurry to show up.

Clean the interior of kitchen cupboards, get rid of some chipped dishes and bring to the front some glasses or dishes you haven’t use in a while. Add a sachet of dry rosemary, sage, thyme, and orange peel to give your cupboard a fresh smell. Clean the interior of bathroom cabinets and get rid of expired cosmetics, dust off clothes, shoes, and handbags, they also need a renewed energy after the holidays. You want to make everything sparkling again the natural way.

How about you, your person, how will you detox from the holidays?

I started with staying a couple of weeks away from the computer electromagnetism.
I got rid of all the sweets leftovers from the holidays, except chocolate, I need that. It seems as if I am ungrateful and throwing food away, but no, I am saving my body and being good to myself. The leftover good food is already in the freezer.
I am eating a lot of fruit, vegetables, high fiber food, drinking a lot more water and reduced my food portions. Exercising at least 30 minutes a day should help my detox and this is all, nothing strenuous, nothing difficult, everything doable I can do for many months.

I don’t particularly like winter, however, I celebrate it just the same with the things, food, and activities that make these few cold months so worth waiting for the spring. Ciao,



Copyright © 2015 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved


Val Admiring World As a designer in business since 1990, I am interested in helping people designing their interior and exterior spaces with an overall feeling of peace, relaxation and harmony that will draw them home eagerly. Find copies of my three books on
Amazon: http://goo.gl/xUZfk0
Barnes&Nobles: http://goo.gl/q7dQ3w

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