Autumn With An Author: Eleyne-Mari Sharp

Today, there is no one better than author Eleyne-Mari Sharp I want to introduce you to. She is an expert on colors, lives in colors, teaches colors and breathe colors. She has been an inspiration to me ever since I met her. Her novels talk about colorful experiences, I will let her say the rest.

Author Eleyne-Mari Sharp

  1. You are a certified color therapist, please explain how a holistic color treatment brings balance and health to mind and body.

I always say ‘if you don’t like how you’re feeling, change your colors. And I believe that color is a gift.’

Treating yourself to a color treatment is a smart idea, especially during these chaotic times. It may include all your chakras, which are the spinning wheels of energy within our bodies that we all have, although they are not visible to everyone. Whether you balance your chakras with crystals, irradiation, color breathing, or sound, I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial color is to balance your whole body, mind, and spirit. Color is a gift. It raises our vibrations and helps us feel better.

  1. Do you think colors should be integrated when designing learning areas, such as classrooms, libraries and gymnasium?

Absolutely! And from what I’ve seen in magazines and online, it would seem that many present-day architects and interior designers have embraced this concept. I get so giddy when I see color being used to heal and inspire and I hope it continues.

  1. Is it true that wearing colored glasses daily for a short time can help a person with some kind of impairment? For instance, wearing blue glasses can help a person with autism staying focused longer?

One of my earliest introductions to color therapy was the original Color Therapy Eyewear by Terri Messer and I still use them today. I had purchased a set at Bread and Circus (which later became Whole Foods Market) and I was fascinated by their benefits. Later, the Violet glasses proved a godsend when I contracted Bell’s Palsy in 2003. The doctors really didn’t know what to do for it, except to tell me to rest. So I read as much as I could about holistic medicine and learned that Violet helps with anything to do with the brain and the crown chakra. After nearly three months, I had healed. I wrote about how I used Violet, Green, and Magenta in “Mad About Hue”.

Regarding autism, have you heard of the Irlen Method? About ten years ago when I was hosting Color Healing Radio, one of my guests was Helen Irlen, who created color overlays and glasses for people with learning disabilities and visual dyslexia. Her company, The Irlen Institute, also helps people with autism. While some people may use Blue, Helen told me that her method includes professional testing to ensure the correct color is prescribed for the brain because everyone’s brain is different.

  1. In your book “Mad About Hue: A Memoir in Living Color” you said:
    “Two days after the tragic events of 9/11, I found myself anxious, upset, and desperately in need of the color green.” Why green and not pink for self-love?

At the time, I knew little about the healing power of color as I wouldn’t begin formal training to become a color therapist until five years later. So I listened to my heart and my heart insisted I needed Green. If something tragic occurred today, though, I would seek both Pink and Green as treatment because I have found them to be complementary, like colorful BFFs.

  1. Do you suggest a color or colors to get on the conscious path to change something in our life and finally reach that oneness with the universe and nature?

Oh, I love this question! I definitely recommend Violet for anything of a transformational nature since it helps us forgive and connects us with the Divine. I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone who hasn’t read it yet, but I will say that the colors Violet and Pink play a huge part in my visionary fiction novel, Inn Lak’ech: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness. It’s about a teenage girl’s spiritual ascension and there are many color references in the book, including a special healing vessel called a Kroma. It looks like a boat but it’s actually a floating crystal healing bed that flashes all sorts of color healing rays. I wish I owned one!

  1. We know animals display colors when they want to be chosen as mating partners like peacocks do. Does beauty have a color?

What an interesting question! I think it’s all a matter of perspective, really, because what one person may see as beautiful, the other may see as drab. Normally, the word “beauty” appears to me as a peacock fan of rich gemstone colors like Emerald Green, Blue Topaz, and Deep Magenta Ruby. But I think it’s interesting you chose autumn to debut this blog series, Valentina. It’s my favorite season—I was born and married in October—and it personifies absolute beauty to me. Here in New England, we enjoy the most gorgeous array of coppers, golds, and reds. Sometimes the color is so spectacular that I cry with joy.

  1. I know your favorite color is teal. What do you feel with teal and what does it evoke to you?

Teal is definitely my favorite color, which is frequently mistaken for Turquoise. While they are both a mixture of Blue and Green, Teal is darker. But there’s no denying they are both beautiful colors and I think everyone looks good in them. In fact, most of my clothing is either Teal or Turquoise. And the day I met my husband we were both wearing nearly identical Teal-colored jackets, so I knew I had met my destiny!

I am obsessed with Teal—it’s throughout my house, on our front door; even the mailbox is painted Teal. I’ve decorated our home library with Teal and Copper accents for autumn. When winter comes in December, my color scheme will change to Teal and Purple. Last spring and summer, Teal and Seafoam Green were featured. I’ve never really analyzed my love for Teal, only that it brings me great joy.

  1. Do you use colors and colored stones/crystals when you concentrate on your writing?

All the time! In fact my office is filled with so much color and crystals that I don’t feel like I’m actually working in here—I’m either dreaming or playing. But when I’m writing (which is every day), I always have a piece of Aquamarine or Sodalite on my desk to inspire me. Blue-colored crystals enhance integrity and communication and help prevent writer’s block. I always have Citrine near me, too, because Yellow is good for concentration and I tend to write very early in the morning and late at night, so I need to be alert. If I’m writing something of a fantasy nature, I like to wear my Lavender Quartz pendant. Its soft Violet hue is gorgeous and peaceful and its vibrations make me feel like I’ve been transported to another realm.

I’ve been working on Moonwater Beach and my protagonist takes a trip to Arizona, a place I’ve never visited. For inspiration, I meditate on a large chunk of Mookaite Jasper. Its colors are Deep Red Tan, and Yellow, and it keeps me grounded.

  1. Why do so many people, especially the youngster who might not be aware of the power of colors, keep wearing black and grey?

I used to feel sad for people who never dressed in anything but “lifeless” colors. But when I stopped judging their so-called lack of color education, I learned that not everyone sees or experiences it in the same way. For the people who wear only Black and Grey, this may be their way of trying to fade into the background to protect themselves from the negative energies of the world. Perhaps one day they will be ready to shine their Light, perhaps inspired by a courageous and glowing person like yourself, Valentina, someone who is not afraid to wear colors that are bold and beautiful!

  1. Are you working on something new at this time?

Always—and would you believe I’m working on three writing projects? I’ve written the first draft of a spiritual play and I’m also working on the two sequels to Inn Lak’ech. Of course, I can’t help but include color in each of these projects because (as you know) I’m mad about hue and I never refuse an opportunity to play with color!

  1. In “Mad About Hue,” you wrote that it was probably the closest you will ever get to writing an autobiography. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a memoir about color experiences before. How did that idea come about?

As I launched Aura House School of Color and Light, Color Healing Radio, The Color Channel on YouTube, and the annual Color Therapy Month in March, people kept asking me when I was going to write a color therapy book.

At first, I balked because there are so many in print already and I didn’t feel there was much more to say. But when I got the idea to share my color meditations and exercises, along with my most colorful life experiences, I knew there was a book in the making.

Mad About Hue is a book of transparency, truth, and probably the closest I will ever get to writing an autobiography. Surprisingly, it was much more challenging than when I wrote Inn Lak’ech because you’re reflecting on your own past. You’re the protagonist in this real life story and you have to stay for the entire ride. You can’t pass go. You can’t change the outcome. It’s not fiction. It’s real. And what happened in the book really happened and some of it was painful, so writing it was challenging. But I think, in the end, I managed to show my true colors.

  1. You have been a professional writer for over 40 years. When did you first begin applying color to your writing and why?

After I first began studying color therapy, I wondered how the colors of the rainbow could help express our feelings and expand our creativity. Once I learned how colors relate to our emotions, I came to realize that the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet are powerful tools for writers.

Since color is absorbed through the eyes and the skin, I figured that I could get the same emotional benefits from holding and writing with a colored pen, just as I would from breathing color or wearing a particular color of clothing. I experimented with this concept until my Write-by-Color method was born (now called ‘Rainbow Writing’) and I began offering workshops to adults and children, like ‘Rainbow Crystal Journaling’ and ‘Colors of the Sea.’


Eleyne-Mari Sharp (pronounced “Elaine Marie”) has been a professional writer and writing muse since 1980. She is also a radio show host/producer, book publisher, and the founder of FIRST WRITE, a 24-hour writing marathon that takes place on New Year’s Day.

She is the author of six books, including
Inn Lak’ech: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness,
Seaglass Christmas,
Mad About Hue: A Memoir in Living Color,
Write Awake: A Conscious Path to Creativity and Change.
Her writing is also featured in two anthologies: How I Found the Write Path and Simply Color for Everyday Living.

Sharp was the founder of a national writers organization and has conducted numerous writers conferences and workshops for adults and children. She also organized an annual screenwriters conference, taught screenwriting to children, and has been employed by television shows, advertising agencies, publishing companies, and film festivals.

As the director of Aura House School of Color Healing and Light, Eleyne-Mari founded Color Healing Radio, The Color Channel on YouTube, Color Camp, and the global Color Therapy Month. She created dozens of color meditations and color therapy workshops, including “Colors of the Sea,” “Rainbow Crystal Journaling” and “Rainbow Wellness.”

A certified color therapist, spiritual aromatherapist, jewelry designer, and crystal worker, Sharp lives in Rhode Island with her retired yacht captain husband, Nick, and their feline furbuddies, Tim and Holly.



Eleyne-Mari, I think you beautify the world with your colors, and without a shadow of doubt, I can say you beautify my world. Being born in October like you I know what you mean when you say I choose this season to shine a group of authors like the jewel tones of precious stones. It has been a pleasure learning more about you. From one colorful person to another, I wish you a colorful rest of the Autumn.


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