Autumn With An Author: Teagan Geneviene

Today, my guest is an author from New Mexico with a vivid imagination. She writes fantasy books for adults. When I saw her on Google+ I was attracted to her unusual name Teagan Riordáin Geneviene and the striking cover of the book she was writing “The Delta Pearl”. The sepia tone of the cover and the entire imagery made me fantasize being on the river boat and immediately took me back to that Jazz era I like so much. People say don’t judge a book by the cover…
I let Teagan speak.

Author Teagan Riordain Geveviene

1. Your last publication is a series of novelettes called “Dead of Winter” that you started to publish monthly in Jan.2021. What is the series about and what inspired you to write it? Will it be over in December 2021?  

I’m not certain of the end date for the monthly publications.  I expect it to finish either this December or in January of 2020.

Dead of Winter is a high fantasy, published monthly in novelette-sized installments.  It takes place in a world that resembles some lands in the past of our own world.  The heroine, Emlyn, is a 12-year-old girl who sees and hears spirits.

The religious fanatics who took over Emlyn’s homeland say she is an abomination. She escapes, and is taken in by travelers belonging to the Deae Matres — a society of intelligent women who travel the world, seeking out and preserving knowledge.

Meanwhile, Emlyn’s encounters with spirits become more frequent, because the Veil, which separates the world of the living from the realm of the dead has become dangerously thin.  As the Veil deteriorates, chaos ensues when the dead begin to cross into the living world.  I invite everyone to Journey with Emlyn as she explores her world in Dead of Winter.

Dead Of Winter Novelettes by Author Teagan Riordain Geveviene

2. How did you select the names of your characters for this series?

I admit that I can obsess about names.  The importance of name meanings goes unnoticed in our modern world.  As I researched the real-world places and mythologies that were at the core of my various inspirations for the story, I also researched names from those areas – and their meanings.  For instance, the character “Osabide” in addition to being a teacher and mentor to the young heroine, used to be a healer.  One meaning for the name Osabide is healer.

3. What was your hardest scene or situation to write, if any?

There were two particular scenes that were difficult, but for differing reasons.  Journey 6, The Fluting Fell, includes the origin scene of a supernatural character.  That involved a brutal assault.  Through an accidental shared dream-memory, 12 year-old Emlyn experiences the assault as if she had been there.  As a survivor of abuse, I put a huge amount of thought into how to handle and word that scene.

Another challenge was the two-prong climax of the story.  In the part dealing with the arch villain, my original ending is unfittingly gruesome for the rest of the story.  So, a task ahead of me is rewriting that climatic scene.  I don’t want it to be that much more violent than the overall story.

4. Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

Hmmm...  That’s a great question, Valentina.  Haha, I hope not.  Certainly not in Dead of Winter.  In some stories I make references to things that not everyone would get.  However, those are not anything that would impact whether or not they understand the story.  For instance, in Hullaba Lulu, a Diesel-punk Adventure, I give a nod to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”  Douglas Adams fans would pickup on it right away, and laugh.  People who are unfamiliar with that classic would just think it was more Lulu zaniness.

5. What kind of research did you do for this series, if any?

Some people think fantasy stories don’t need to be researched.  Me, I research intensely for every story.  I did volumes of research for Dead of Winter, from the topography and lay of the land in the UK and European locations that inspired my fictional countries, to the meanings behind place and character names that I created.  There are well over 300 character and place names in the overall manuscript.  That’s why I include a list of characters and places at the end of each volume, which grows as the Journeys progress.

Some leftover research (legends that I didn’t use for Dead of Winter) ended up providing “loose inspiration” for my Atonement, Tennessee urban fantasy stories.  If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a huge research geek!

6. You write mostly fantasy books for adults, how did you come about to write in this style?  

Various genres were my favorite at different points in my life.  High fantasy and urban fantasy became my favorite books to read.  When I eventually took writing seriously, the most frequent “advice to writers” that I found was to write what you know.  I knew that genre best, so that was what I started out writing.  During the past decade I became fond of the may types of “punk” stories (steampunk, diesel-punk, atom-punk, etc.), and I started writing those too.

7. What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Seeing the ending.  I’m very much a pantser, writing by the seat of my pants.  It’s very difficult for me to see the ending in advance.

8. Why did you decide to start writing books?

My author bio used to include a bit about how one day, I realized that I had read every book I owned several times, and there was no new book at hand to read.  So, I decided to write one – and I’ve been writing ever since.

9. Most artist like to be creative in their arts and don’t like to market their work. How do you feel about marketing and selling your books? 

Yes, I’m in that group who does not like marketing.  I didn’t even like touching social media.  However, as an independent (indie) writer, it was obvious that I would have to get over it.  That is an ongoing challenge for me.  I wasn’t simply brought up to be modest.  When I was growing up, if it even looked like I was about to say something good about myself, I was cut down harshly.

It makes me feel a little better about blowing my own horn if I can promote others.  That’s one reason why I enjoy featuring people at my blog, when I write my “three things” style of spontaneous serials.  I just started a new one in August.  It’s an “atom punk” fantasy (1940s – 50s for the level of technology) called “The Armadillo Files.”  I publish an episode each weekend, at

10. If you wanted to leave a message for posterity in one of your books what would it be?

I suppose, in a way, I’m taking a cue from Shakespeare with to thine own self be true.  Most of my heroines have to be true to themselves, regardless of the lack of acceptance that might come with it.  Whether they are just a bit different than their friends, or quirky, particularly unusual, they are themselves.  Sure, we all want to be accepted and be part of things.  However, we can’t underestimate the value of our uniqueness.

Valentina, thanks very much for letting me visit with you today.  Any of my books can be found via my Amazon author page.  Here’s a universal link:

It is a pleasure to have you as my guest, Teagan. I always admire your imagination.

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I am a bit like you, Teagan, when it comes to marketing my books, I don’t like to sell, but I must. Allow me to showcase my books. They are on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Valentina Cirasola is an interior-fashion designer/consultant, author of 6 published books, a storyteller, and a blogger of many years. She writes about many subjects. Her books are non-fictional practical ideas to apply in the home, fashion, cooking and travel. She has conceived a few new books to be published in the immediate future to which she is working simultaneously. Amazon Author’s Page 


Hullaba Lulu Book Launch | Valentina Cirasola | Author and Designer

Today I am hosting my talented Friend and Author Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene who is launching a new book, a fantasy novella, a “dieselpunk” story, as she calls it. 
I learned about the book Hullaba Lulu, when it was made into episodes on the author’s blog with the hint of three-world things the readers would leave on her blog comments, hoping those three things would get worked into a new story and they did.

Valentina, thanks again for letting me visit.  Here’s the rest of the information for Hullaba Lulu. I am delighted to host you, Teagan.

The book has a 1920s aesthetic with retro-futuristic technology, a dash of magic, and some creepy settings, along with a crew of misfit characters.  Lulu is a snarky, but good-hearted flapper.  She and her friends get into all sorts of trouble (often due to Lulu’s clumsiness).  They travel on a magical train to a lot of “sideways” places.
My one real-world thing is Erte. “Valentina, with your love of fashion and Art Deco, I’m not surprised that you chose Erté” says the author.

Erté was the byname of Romain de Tirtoff.  It was derived from the French pronunciation of his initials, R.T.  He was born November 23, 1892, in St. Petersburg, Russia—died April 21, 1990, in Paris, France.  Erté was a fashion illustrator of the 1920s and creator of visual spectacles for music-hall revues in France.  He designed dresses and accessories for women, costumes, and sets for opera, ballet, and dramatic productions, and posters and prints.

I met Erte’
It was the early ’80s, I was in Paris on vacation. I have some friends there I wanted to visit. One evening they arranged a dinner for me with some of their own friends. The evening was pleasant, we exchanged a lot of laughers and I got to know new people and into the arts. After dinner, the new person I met, had promised another friend to come by his place for a drink. That person invited me along.
I felt safe, during dinner, we talked about the arts, fashion, and design. I felt no threat, when people are into the arts, are into violence, I thought to myself and I went, I did not know I was going to Erte’s house.
Erte’ himself opened the door, he introduced himself as Romain, but he looked familiar, he looked like Erte’ split image. I didn’t want to say
“You look like Erte”, therefore I stayed silent. He was not too tall, slim, fully groomed, and attired well in a velvet smoking jacket, or a chamber jacket as it was called. From what I could see, his house was opulent and not so extravagant, considering who he was and the fame that preceded him.
I remember one thing, a large aquarium filled with exotic fish dominated one wall. The room must have been a library room, filled with bookshelves, on one side, the desk and an armchair behind it on the other side.
I also remember a large bar, with lots of mirrors, liqueurs, and beautiful glasses. We had a great conversation, I saw his drawings and the illustrations of stage design. During the conversation, he told me his nome de plume was Erte’… Lucky me, I got to meet a legend.

My Review on Hullaba Lulu
What a fun story! I have never read a Dieselpunk Adventure Story. This will give me the chance to read more of what the author will write in the future. The novel is set in the roaring 1920s, the flappers, the drinking prohibition imposed in the USA, and train travel. Reading this novel, it’s like slicing through time and I love going back in times I have not lived. It’s brilliant how the Author Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene has included futuristic technology, with magic, tarot cards, automobiles and famous people and how well she worked them all in one plot. I love how strong her characters are, Lulu and her friends Pearl and Rose speak their mind and they are not afraid of any situations they face. The novel is short and full of action, it’s funny and entertaining. I truly recommend this novel. Well done Teagan, your imagination is spatial. 😀👋

Here’s a snippet related to Erté.  In this scene, everyone is headed to the Cotton Club… or a strange version of it, anyway.  Lulu is sad and one of the automatons stayed behind with her.

How could Ginger have heard that I was sad?  That as creepy as the jukebox or the Orthophonic Victrola playing the song I mentioned.

I remember how excited Wicky, Wacky, and Woo had been because they had arranged for Dynamite to sing to Ginger onstage at the Cotton Club.  I couldn’t ruin that surprise for any of them.

So, I pretended enthusiasm that I didn’t feel.  I admit that I actually did perk up when I saw the gorgeous gown Ginger brought.  It was royal purple silk and looked like an Erté original.  The rose-gold bot also brought a black boa to accessorize the gown.

“There’s a bit of a walk to the club,” Ginger began.  “Will your kitten heels be suitable?  Ah!  But there is another way.  We could take the Rolls-Royce!”

I remembered Valentino had that automobile parked on the street above my grandfather’s speakeasy.  You had to admit, the guy knew how to put on the Ritz!


Flappers 3 n bots metropolis

Here’s the Blurb
Hullaba Lulu, a Dieselpunk Adventure is a wild and wooly 1920s fantasy story.  Lulu, the heroine is inspired by the song, “Don’t Bring Lulu,” from 1925 ― so are her pals, Pearl and Rose.  My Lulu loves to dance, and freely indulges in giggle water.  She snores and burps and says whatever she wants.  Lulu is a snarky but good-hearted flapper.  The song’s inspiration stops there, but the story is just beginning.

Travel with Lulu and her friends on a magical, dieselpunk train that belongs to the smolderingly handsome and enigmatic man known only as Valentino.  They get into all sorts of trouble, usually due to Lulu’s clumsiness.  It’s an intense ride through a number of pos-i-lutely creepy settings, including “sideways” versions of Atlantic City and the Cotton Club.  At every stop and in between, Lulu ends up creating chaos.  There’s no telling where they’ll end up.  No, Lulu! Don’t touch that!

Lulu’s the kind of smarty, breaks up every party,

Hullabaloo loo, don’t bring Lulu,

I’ll bring her myself!

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Author Bio

Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene’s work is colored by her experiences from living in the southern states and the desert southwest (of the USA). Teagan most often writes one kind of fantasy or another, including the “Punk” genres, like steampunk, dieselpunk, and atompunk. Whether it’s a 1920s mystery, a steampunk adventure, or an urban fantasy, her stories have a strong element of whimsy. There are no extremes in violence, sex, or profanity.
Her talents also include book covers and promotional images.  She makes all of her own.  Teagan is currently exploring the idea of offering that service to others.
All of the books by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene are available at her
Amazon Author Page ( )

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You can also visit Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene at:


Congratulations to Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene, whishing you great success.
Amazon and Barnes&Noble
Amazon Author’s Page


Valentina Cirasola is an interior-fashion designer, author of 5 published books, a storyteller, and a blogger of many years. Her books are non-fictional practical ideas to apply in the home, fashion, cooking, and travel. She never gives up trying new things and doesn’t fear failure. Some years ago, Valentina became a TV producer/host producing shows under her label: Valentina Design Universe. The goal of her shows is to entertain, inspire, and inform, while she is living her passion.

Fall Book Releases | Valentina Cirasola | Author and Designer

Excitement is in the air this Autumn. This community of writers, I have known personally with whom I became friends, have been busy fantasizing and producing words for us to enjoy. I compiled a list of a few books coming out very shortly, keep an eye on the launches, there will be many specials offered. Happy reading.

Author James Cudney IV announced the release of his mystery novel Hiding Cracked Glass (book 2 of 2), Oct. 5, 2020.

Excerpt: “A blackmail letter arrives at an inopportune moment, and the recipient’s name is blurred out. Who is the ruthless missive meant for?
In the powerful sequel to Watching Glass Shatter, Olivia is the first to read the nasty threat. When the mysterious letter falls into the wrong hands, her sons try to figure out who’s seeking revenge on them.
Across the span of eight hours, members of the Glass family contemplate whether to confess their hidden secrets or find a way to bury them forever. Some didn’t learn an important lesson last time, and as each hour ticks by, the family has to come to terms with what happened in the previous months.
Their lives are about to shatter into pieces once again, and this time the stakes are even higher.”
Find the paperback version on Amazon after the launch date; the kindle version is available now –

Hiding Cracked Glass

Hiding Cracked Glass

About the Author: I met Author James Cudney IV, a year ago, over the internet when I was doing the launch of my fourth book. We connected immediately and became friends. James is an accomplished writer, he wrote nine novels in three years, some of his work has been translated in Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Italian. In 2021 he will release a new book co-authored with a surprise writer. On his blog, he has reviewed over 1,000 books; he shares several fun features, including the Book Bucket List, Tips & Advice, Author Spotlights & Book Alerts, and the 365 Daily Challenge, where he posts a word each day that has some meaning to him, then converse with everyone about life. Visit his author’s page on Amazon, and  Goodreads where you will see all his reviews on books written by other authors.

Author Maria Bradfield announced the release of a motivational book Navigating The Clickety-Clack – Nov. 4, 2020.
She is a featured author in the Navigating the Clickety-Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Seemingly Toxic World.
Also featured in the book are New York Times Bestselling Authors, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, from the hit movie, The Secret, and Christy Whitman.

Introduction: “Hello. My name is Keith Leon S., owner of Beyond Belief Publishing, and I want to welcome you to our book designed to help you Navigate The Clickety-Clack. As we begin this journey together, you may not yet understand the title, but I am confident you navigate this troubling place from time to time. We all do.
Back in 2005, my wife Maura and I met a man named Fletch Rainey at the Agape International Center of Truth in California. We became good friends with Fletch. Eventually, he created a group called, “The Spiritual Posse” and became one of our spiritual mentors. We would reach out to him when we were freaking out about money, business challenges, fears, or when we were in flux, not knowing what to do next.
One time when we called him with one of our issues, he said, “Relax, you are just in The Clickety-Clack.”
We asked, “What is The Clickety-Clack?”
Fletch said, “Remember when you had a ten-speed bicycle, and you changed from one gear to another? There is that moment when the chain is jumping from one gear to the next gear, but it has not clicked in yet. What sound does it make? Clickety-clack . . . clickety-clack. You have faith it will catch eventually, so you keep peddling the bike. Your faith pays off because it eventually catches, and when it does, you are off into an even better gear! That is where you are right now—you are in The Clickety-Clack. Have faith and know that things will kick into the next gear soon enough. Trust, and know that all is well.”
His reply would stay with us, and to this day when Maura and I are experiencing worry or not knowing what to do next, one of us will look at the other and say, “ClicketyClack.” Other times I have experienced the Clickety-Clack are when others around me are freaking out, coming unglued, being judgmental, hateful, or angry toward me.
In a world filled with so much anger, resentment, judgment, hate, shame, and fingerpointing, how is one supposed to stay peaceful?”

Navigating The Clickety-Clack

Navigating The Clickety-Clack

About the Author: Maria Bradfield was one of my fun clients, I met her immediate family, a bunch of happy people, while I was working at her house’s project. She is a motivational coach, “Passionate About Performance”. Listen to her podcast

Author Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene
announced the release of her new novella. a Dieselpunk Adventure, Hullaba Lulu – Sept.30, 2020.

Introduction: “Hullaba Lulu is a “dieselpunk” novel. It has a 1920s aesthetic with retro-futuristic technology, a dash of magic, and some creepy settings, along with a crew of misfit characters. Lulu is a snarky, but good-hearted flapper. She and her friends get into all sorts of trouble (often due to Lulu’s clumsiness). They travel on a magical train to a lot of “sideways” places.”
Watch the trailer video.

Lulu Dancer Color

Hullaba Lulu

About the Author: I met Teagan on the blogosphere, I liked her Delta Pearl episodes and started to follow each other. She is a proliferous author of many fantasy books, including the “Punk” genres, like steampunk, dieselpunk, and atompunk. Visit her author’s page on Amazon and Goodreads where she reviews books written by other authors.

Author Melissa Muldoon announced the release of her novel The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola, end of Nov. 2020.
It is about the painting Sofonisba Anguissola, who was also a student of Michelangelo. It is based on historical facts, and most events, people, and places describe in the story are real….

Excerpt: “Set in the sixteenth-century, The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola tells the love story of a woman’s passion for art… and for a man. In a world where women painters had little to no acknowledgment, she was singled out by Michelangelo and Vasari, who recognized and praised her talent. Gaining the Milanese elite’s acclaim, she went on to become court painter to Spanish King Phillip II, and taught his queen to paint. One can’t live such an extraordinary life without having stories to tell… and tell them Sofonisba does to Sir Anthony Van Dyke, who comes to visit her toward the end of her life.”

The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola

The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola

About the Author: I met Melissa Muldoon, a few years ago, at a Christmas artsy show organized by the Italian-American Museum in San Francisco, where we both were vendors and became friends. Through the years, we participated in the same kind of shows through various venues where Italian culture and products were on display. Melissa loves Italy, she writes fiction novels based on historical Italian places. In her novel Dreaming Sophia, (Sophia Loren), she ended up meeting the one and only Mrs. Loren after the publication of her book. Visit Melissa’s website, her author’s page on Amazon, and her Goodreads page.



Author Aeriol Ascher announced the release of the book Healing Body Mind and Soul for a Better World – Feb 2021.

22 Authors contributed to this book and will participate in the book talk, which revolves around how to embrace self-care for a better you and a better world. The free Book Talk Series can be accessed at the event link:

Aeriol Ascher

Aeriol Ascher


About the Author: I met Aeriol Ascher at a networking lunch meeting. I liked how she presented the subject of her talk, her energy was powerful and she had a strong presence. I invited her to appear on the live stage on my TV show, where she sang, played Tibetan bowls, and talked about healing vibrations. We had a great show. Aeriol is an international bestselling Author, Speaker, Podcast Personality, Metaphysical Teacher, Holistic Healing Master, Mentor, and Intuitive Guide on a mission to raise the vibration of the planet one soul at a time.
Visit her: Virtual business card:  and her Website:

My new book will be on the market by the end of November 2020, I will be ready to show it very soon. This concludes my selection of new books for this Autumn, stay tuned. Ciao,
Amazon Author’s Page  



Valentina Cirasola is an interior-fashion designer, author of 5 published books, a storyteller, and a blogger of many years. She has conceived a few new books of various subjects to which she is working simultaneously. Her books are non-fictional practical ideas to apply in the home, fashion, cooking, and travel. She never gives up trying new things and doesn’t fear failure. Some years ago, Valentina became a TV producer/host producing shows under her label: Valentina Design Universe. The goal of her shows is to entertain, inspire, and inform, while she is living her passion. Get a copy of her books here:
Amazon and  Barnes&Noble 

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