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I am excited to be part of a new invention from a lad, Federico Cardana, Italian born, designer of DIVA Light, an interactive system of lights streaming in colors. I had the pleasure to interview him through Skype, learn from him and share ideas. Enjoy our conversation. (Click on each photo to view it larger).

DIVA Light

DIVA Interactive Light

Valentina – Did you go to a special school to learn about lighting and lights effects?
Federico – I never went to a special school, but lights and colored lights attracted me ever since I was a kid, because I think people feel good around colors and lights versus shades or lack of light.

Valentina – How did you get involved in lighting? Was it always a passion, was it a hobby that at some point turned into something serious, or you just tried something new and got hooked on?
Federico – I think my passion for colored light came from the Lego constructions I plaid with since I was a toddler. All those little pieces force a kid to build an imaginative world and to create something magical based on colors. That attraction for colors remained in my life.

Valentina – Did your parents encourage you to pursue your dream to build and develop this light product?
Federico – Yes, my parents are aware of what I am doing and support me in full. They helped me going to USA to present my product in the Silicon Valley and care that this project succeeds well.

Valentina – You seem to be a very ambitious lad. Who inspired you to create a colorful product such as DIVA Light? If you had a mentor what value did he/she bring to your life?
Federico – My long time passion has been to create a useful something that have the power to make people’s life better or even change it. There are many entrepreneurs or companies who have created a physical product such as Bang & Olufsen, a Dutch Company that creates high-end electronics for homes and cars. Their products create emotions to the touch, transform a home in a world of connected and automated convenience. As a person, I looked up without a doubt to Steve Jobs. I think he is the person who was able to create “something” that revolutionized the way the world lives today. His cared for details and how beautiful the lines-shapes of his products look, but especially he cared to create emotions and feelings when people touch his product.

Valentina – What do you like the most about working with light and colors?
Federico – Light is life, anything luminous will attract people. Colors have their own meanings. Human brain perceives colors before words are spoken, before eyes can see and before ears can hear. Colors are a powerful way to communicate, to say something, to sell a product, to show a presentation, to convey an information and more. Think of street lights at any cross-road and how the device tells us to go, to stop or to be cautious. Nothing is left to a chance when a book cover is produced or a package of a product is made. Marketing is about using the right color for the right target. The value of my DIVA lights is to communicate feelings, to enhance  with colors an environment and to create atmospheres.

Valentina – Is your DIVA Light competing with many products of the same type?  If yes, what makes your DIVA Light better than other products and why should people buy your product?
Federico – There are similar systems on the market, mine it is a bit different. I have not created DIVA Light as a static element of décor only.
I wanted DIVA light to be an intelligent device, which when attached to other devices can interact with people and spaces with colors. Users will be able to change to certain colors based on their needs to indicate something is happening, a change of mood or situation, the arrival of a special person and so on. For instance:
1. DIVA Light can be used in a wedding ceremony to tell the guests the bride is coming, or in the reception room to inform the next course is coming to the table.
2. In schools DIVA light can be used to enhance the attention of students, or calm them down in moments of excitement or disruption and agitation.
3. In restaurants, the changing colors of DIVA Light can indicate a change of food flavor, from meat to fish or dessert.

My product offers an experience, it is interactive with people and spaces through colors, a simple software with an app downloadable on any smartphone manages the color changes according to the needs of a person. DIVA Light is also sound reactive, meaning the light reacts the nature sounds and weather conditions. Installed in the landscape of a beach house DIVA Light can change colors with the movement of waves, thus create a magical atmosphere when entertaining outdoor.
Since the scope of this device it to make people feel good, it also creates an element of bonding between guests.


(photo courtesy of DIVA Interactive Lights)

Valentina – What is DIVA Light philosophy, is there one?
Federico – Diva Light is an experience because the device is interactive. Another good example is when the device is installed in a restaurant: let’s say outside has been raining for three hours, DIVA Light senses the gray weather, changes colors to sunny yellow, or pastel colors to emulate the sun or spring, thus changes people’s feelings and mood, entice customers to enter that restaurant, stay there for a while and spending while lingering.

Valentina – Who are your ideal clients, or where do you see DIVA Light being installed?
Federico – The fields of usage and application of this device are vast: restaurants, lounge bars, educational establishment, hospitals, home entertainment and anywhere one wants to create atmospheres.

Valentina – What made you decide to come to the US and live here for a few months? What goal did you want to achieve in the Silicon Valley?  
Federico – Silicon Valley is a fertile ground for people who want to create and want to make a difference in the world. There is a particular echo-system non equal to others I have known. In the Silicon Valley and California in general people get excited about new ideas, are willing to meet and greet new things, give you 10 minutes of their time to hear you out, give out free suggestions and are willing to pay for a new finished product. All those suggestions and visions have been very valuable to me, I put them all together and created a product they want.

Valentina –  What lesson did you learn from your stay in the Silicon Valley ?
Federico – In the Silicon Valley I learned not to stop at the first door that closes in your face. One must be tenacious in pursuing new endeavors, one must listen to all the suggestions, be focused and be willing to keep going regardless of difficulties. This is the only way to succeed.

Valentina – What advice will you give to another ambitious young person who wants to get out there in the market with any kind of new idea?
Federico – First, get in front of the mirror and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you are really ready to take on the project of the new idea. The road to success is long, uphill and hard. You must have courage to go on even when nobody shows a trace of trust and be willing to face difficulties. In addition, I think those who want to embark on the journey of inventions must believe in the product, must have a desire and determination to succeed, as I said the road is difficult, it needs discipline, diligence, cohesiveness and long hours of work. A young inventor who has the chance to travel must get to know other worlds. Travel cost money, it is better to use that precious time for constructive learning travel instead of just travelling for fun.

Valentina –  If someone wants to contact you, do you have a website or a place where people can visit your products?
Federico – They can visit
or my Facebook page
Email –

I hope soon I will be able to place DIVA Lights in my client’s homes or entertainment moments and I wish you all the success in the world, Federico, you deserve it. Ciao,

Copyright © 2016 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved

ValentinaBlueStampAs a designer in business since 1990, I am interested in helping people designing their interior and exterior spaces with an overall feeling of peace, relaxation and harmony that will draw them home eagerly. I am always looking to add that special touch with original findings to the spaces I design. Colors are the main focus of my business today, changing people’s energy and life force just by introducing them to colors they would have never imagined. Vogue Italia magazine, Gentry and many prominent magazines in California featured my work, I appeared on RAI, National Italian T.V. and nonetheless my stories continue.
Find copies of my book on colors ©RED – A Voyage Into Colors –  and  the rest of my  books


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