No Woman Needs To Be Told How To Wear Black | Valentina Cirasola | Designer

Girl-Pink-Green-1aWelcome to my Friday Fashion episode.
No woman needs to be told how to wear black….. it’s all the other colors that bring doubts, confusion and chaos. Colors define a unique point of view, define personality, define the attitude of each season, provoke, demand attention, express creative moods and show off your personal style. We are connected to colors, each of our chakras hosts one color that vibrates our life and yet there are many women out there who insist on wearing black.

The color palette of fall 2015 is very warm, emulates the earth, focuses on nature’s colors and both men and women will wear it. Some people believe it is a copy of the ‘70s colors, maybe, and there is nothing wrong with that, history repeats itself with a new meaning. We are seeing Bohemian, Hippy, Global Nomads, and Gipsy style again as much as geometric asymmetrical cuts all in the name of colors of food, spices, wines, sand, earth and leaves textures.

Green in its many tints and tones appears to be a very important color for Fall 2015. It will not be conceived as military-style only. Forest, Olive, Stormy Weather, Desert Sage and Dried Herb will go so well with Oak Buff, Cadmium Orange and especially Marsala. If you feel good combining Cadmium Orange with Marsala, do it, show off your style.

Here it is my combination of only four colors and the various solutions possible with them.


With all these colors available to us, we have no need to wear all that black anymore. It’s so ’90s and so “end of an era”.  In this millennium we became more aware of our environment and we want to protect it. We got closer to earth and natural food, both essences for our well-being. In some ways, we are only expressing these new feelings with the colors nature offers to us.

Need a color consultation? I am always ready and prompt to answer any of your challenges. Ciao,


Copyright © 2015 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved

ValHatCelesteStampValentina Cirasola
is a trained Fashion and Interior Designer, born in Italy in a family of artists. Style surrounded her since the beginning of her life. Her many years of experience led her to offer consultations in both specializations and now she can remodel homes as well as personal images. To better help people in the world, she offers consultations online. She is the author of three books. Get your copy of Valentina’s book on colors: ©RED-A Voyage Into Colors on



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