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This week, five years ago, I launched my third book: ©RED-A Voyage Into Colors. Many people interviewed me and cheered along with me.
Carra Riley was one of the kind and interesting people who interviewed me on Blog Talk Radio. Here is the link to the interview:

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©RED – A Voyage Into Colors- Author Valentina Cirasola


Carra Riley is an author, realtor and one of the most creative people, full of ideas I have ever met. She never stops at one enterprise, she has two or three already started and taking shape at the same time. Carra is a high energy, passionate person and I love her just because of that. Passion is a rare quality that makes the world go around. She connects the dots around the world and dodges Cosmic Cow Pie with her book full of solutions and practical advices for an organized and balanced life. After her Cosmic books and products, she developed the Transition Living Real Estate Team through which she takes care of seasoned people transitioning in their third and fourth age.

(Above: Carra Riley – Author, Photographer, Realtor)

Carra loves photography. Two of her photos were exhibited in a Russian Art Gallery during the Olympics in Russia 2014 featured in the “100 Wonders Of The World.” The exhibition was put together with the help of National Geographic, a unique way of re-examining the view of the world from the perspective of different societies and cultures, such as Russia, Germany, USA, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Kuwait, and even African countries.

(Above Banana Flower, photo taken in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii by Carra Riley)

(Above Gallery for “100 Wonders of the World.” St. Petersburg, Russia)

Talking RED with Carra was fun and entertaining. She asked what the title of the book meant and I explained that my drawing on the front cover has many symbolisms. The heart represents all my passions tight by a leather belt to keep them from escaping. The three holes at the tops of the heart represent windows in my travels from which I have seen colors of other cultures, hence RED-A Voyage Into Colors. The red dot at the tip of the heart represents the heart itself kicking and shuffling all my colorful passions to make them happen and…. happen they did.

She went on asking about the meaning of the color RED in various aspects of life.
I introduced some concepts of RED used in marketing and sales, in decorating with Feng Shui theory, dos and don’ts of RED, how to polarize water, how to use it in our clothes and how to balance the red chakra.

Often one hour is never enough to talk about colors, but I was so grateful to Carra for this interview while I was launching the book. We exchanged our books, I was so happy to read her Cosmic Cow Pie, even happier about her book on CD I listened in the car during my long hours of driving.
Find her books here:


Cosmic Cow Pie Books – Author Carra Riley

Cosmic Cow Pie…Connecting The Dots by Carra Riley

Carra makes the world go around, she is a giver and a caring person. I am so happy to have connected online with her many years ago and still waiting for that moment when I will meet her. Ciao,

Copyright © 2017 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved

As a designer in business since 1990, Valentina Cirasola is interested in helping people designing their interior-exterior spaces with an overall feeling of peace, relaxation, and harmony that will draw them home eagerly. She is always looking to add that special touch with original findings to the spaces she designs. Color is the focus of her business today, changing people’s energy and life force just by introducing them to colors they would have never imagined. Vogue Italia magazine, Gentry and many prominent magazines in California featured her work. She appeared on RAI, National Italian T.V. and on many local TV Shows in California. Her story continues.
Find copies of her book on colors ©RED – A Voyage Into Colors on

Turkey Leftovers Wreath | Reblogged From Carra Riley | Cosmic Cuisine

I am not an authority on American cuisine, but ever since I came to America, I like to follow American traditions, learn and make them part of my cuisine repertoire. My friend Carra Riley, author of a book Cosmic Cow Pie wrote a blog on turkey leftover. Of all the solutions on how to recycle turkey after Thanksgiving, this recipe is the best solution for my taste and I love its simplicity. I will try it even though I never have leftover of any kind. This recipe can be adapted with other meats as well. I can’t wait to try it and I hope you will too.


Turkey leftovers and cranberries create a fun and festive wreath dish.
Wondering about something different to take to your holiday parties? Have some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving? Want a tangy taste treat everyone will be talking about?
Try this creative holiday braided wreath for a special lunch or appetizer adapted from the Pampered Chef 2000 Seasons Best recipe collection.
2 packages (8 ounce each) refrigerated crescent rolls.
3/4 cup light mayonnaise or miracle whip for a sweeter taste
1 tablespoon sweetener or sugar
2 tablespoons honey Dijon mustard
1/2 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
2 1/2 cups cooked and chopped turkey pieces
1 cup chopped celery, can use cauliflower or broccoli
3 tablespoons fresh parsley or 1 TBS dried parsley and 10 to 12 cilantro leaves
1/2 cup dried cranberries
4 ounces shredded Swiss cheese (1/2 cup)
1/4 cup chopped pecans
1 egg white
turkey wreath ingredients Turkey Leftovers And Cranberries In A Wreath
Preheat over to 375 F
Use a round baking stone or pizza pan. Unroll the crescent dough and separate into 16 triangles
With side ends of triangle toward the center place 8 triangles in a circle in the center of the large round baking stone. Press the edges of the 8 triangles creating the circle together.


Mix Mayonnaise, mustard and black pepper. I would leave out the mayo to make it less caloric.
Chop turkey, dice celery snip parsley or cilantro. Add Turkey, celery, parsley to batter bowl. Add grated Swiss cheese.

Scoop filling over the center of the dough seam where the top triangles and bottom triangles come together and have been blended so the dough will not come apart.

Add the pecans to the top of the turkey leftover.

Beginning in the center, lift on dough triangle across the mixture. Continue alternating with outer triangles slightly overlapping to form the wreath.

In a bowl separate the egg white, beat and brush lightly over the entire wreath.

Bake 25 to 30 minutes at 375. Yields 10 servings.

Carra suggests to add cranberries in the mixture, I will leave it out of the dough to make it crispy top and bottom, I will serve it on the side instead.

(Photo credits: Carra Riley)

The turkey leftovers with cranberries will delight your guests palate with the unique flavor coming from the tang of the cranberries and dijon mustard.
Serve with a Celebration Cranberry Salad and receive rave reviews!
Prefect way to be creative with turkey leftovers and create a festive, braided warm stuffed treat.
Thank you Carra for sharing your Cosmic Cuisine recipe. This is a winner. Happy Thanksgiving my friends. I hope it will be a splendid day for you. Ciao,



VCXmasValentina Cirasola has a deep interest in food that led her as an autodidact in the studies of food in history, natural remedies, nutrition, well-being and learning food of the world. She wrote two books on Italian regional cuisine and one book on color theory, in which she included one recipe for each color. Get your copy of Valentina’s books on



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