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U Tub
No, the title of my blog is not a misspelled word for YouTube, it is a word for an original Italian business, U Tub of Angelo Lazazzera who created it in Gravina di Puglia, Italy. Angelo turned the traditional pizza into a pizza-sushi style. Pizza dough  is worked and raised in the traditional way, the dough is pliable and elastic like a pizza should be, the ingredients are still traditional, but also not traditional ingredients have entered this scene to make things more exciting. After baking the dough, the ingredients cover the pizza pie as usual, then everything is rolled up in a tube, cut in diagonal and served in rectangular dishes as if it was sushi. Clever, right?! Wait to taste it, you will be on seventh heaven!

Presentation gives the idea you are eating a sushi, however when biting into it, consistency and texture will tell you differently, then all you taste buds will start dancing around in your mouth. The finished touch is balsamic vinegar or vincotto (cooked fig wine, typical of Puglia), which are ingredients never used on pizza before. The other novelty is the sweet pizza-sushi made with fruits and preserves, topped with whipping cream and liquid chocolate.

The workers behind the counter cannot make samples for us fast enough, we are hungry, the fresh air of Puglia is the culprit for our big appetite, the stuff is so delicious and we cannot refuse any bites. To top it all Angelo wants to show us how to prepare a very special pasta dish: paccheri with sausage and tomato sauce, gets in front of the stove and starts cooking.

In the distance, while I am filming a short demonstration, I read his motto at the top of the counter: “I have the simplest taste, I am always satisfied with the best”.
This pasta dish is very simple, but the taste is complex. It takes artistry to know when to take the pasta out of water for the right consistency and how to balance the flavors of simple ingredients with a few spices. The miracle of a good taste happens exactly when food is poor of ingredients and the chef knows how to make them work.

The concept of an Italian café is about pizza, coffee and billiard. Give these three simple elements to the customers and they will fill the place with friendliness and laughter. Angelo shows us his future plans for U Tub, a large room where he will set up the billiard and a large veranda for eating “al fresco” during the hot summer nights.

Leaving U Tub our bellies are full and the sky is bloated with dark grey clouds. It will rain on the way to Matera, but we don’t care, we are happy and will be singing all the way there. Ciao,

Copyright © 2014 Valentina Cirasola, All Rights Reserved

Val LeopardI am writing a travel diary of my last trip to Puglia with an American group and sharing with all of you my notes of feelings, observations, food-wine tasting and experiences that have changed the life of people traveling with me. The trips I organize are made for people who want to live it up in Puglia!
In my books on Puglia cuisine, readers will find many easy recipes to follow at home. Check out my books on


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  1. The Other Side of Ugly - Letters to Humanity
    Oct 10, 2014 @ 00:59:13

    I’ll check it out Valentina, always looking for a good new recipe!



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